Remember...the better prepared you are, the cheaper & less-stressful your moving experience will be!

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"Mini Moves For You" as early as possible to be sure that you move on your preferred date.
a storage facility, if required.
the lift in your highrise, whether moving in or out.
if required, a professional cleaner, carpet cleaner & pest control.


Australia Post  - Mail Redirect
Service Providers  - Phone, Internet, Pay TV, Electricity, Gas...etc
Financial Institutions  - Bank, Hire Purchase Companies...etc
Insurance  - Car, House, Property, Health Fund...etc
Motor Registry  - Licence & Registration
Professional Services  - Accountant & Solicitor
Health Services  - Doctor, Dentist, Hospital...etc
Education Institutions  - Day Care, Schools, Colleges, Universities...etc
Clubs  - Social, Sporting...etc
Subscriptions  - Newspaper, Magazine, Wine Club...etc
Superannuation Fund(s)  
Electoral Commission  

 Things to do...

Write a list of things you need to do
Start packing...we often under-estimate the complexities of a move
Return anything borrowed
Arrange for children to be looked after, if possible
Ensure all cartons are packed, sealed & clearly labelled
Remove all items from your fridge / freezer & defrost / dry
Drain & dry washing machine hoses
Tape & secure leads on appliances prior to transport
Dismantle large furniture if required (or leave it to us). Place all bolts, screws & brackets in a sealed bag and stick firmly to the item or in a drawer.
 Dismantle outdoor furniture including such items as trampolines, swing sets...etc
Ensure any gas cylinders have been emptied and certified by an authorised gas cylinder       test station
Drain any fuel from equipment such as lawn mowers & whipper-snippers