- We damage it, we fix it -

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We do recognise that accidents can happen even though we hire only the best people suited for our trucks and work.  We are confident in our men and their ability, and are happy to offer all of our customers a “No Damage Guarantee“.

What we mean by a “No Damage Guarantee“ is; if we damage it we will fix it.  We will either have it repaired or we will replace it.  You couldn’t ask for anymore than that! All our moves are insured up to $50,000.  There are conditions that apply which we have listed below:


Someone who is over the age of 18 is to be on site at all times during the move;
If there is any damage it must be documented on the job sheet while our men are still there. Claims for damage will only be accepted if the damage is documented on the job sheet;
Glass or fagile articles are not covered by this guarantee or our insurance policy;

If our men feel that the job is too risky you will need to organise your own insurance.  Risky work might include lifting furniture over a balcony, heavy lifts such as pianos or billiard tables on stairways or steep driveways;

Washing machines, refrigerators, computers, etc are only covered for external physical damage to the cases;

Items which are part of a pair/set are only covered for the singular damaged article;

Everything that can fit in a box should be in a box;

Damage to boxed articles the owner has packed are not covered unless there is physical damage to the box.